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Mainair Microlight Centre, Barton Aerodrome, Liverpool Road, Eccles Manchester M30 7SA

Tel 0161 787 9033 / Mob 07837 380014


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Home.About Us.Aircraft.Gift Vouchers.Prices.Kilimanjaro.Contact Us.Gallery.Where Are We.


Microlight Centre

Welcome to Mainair Microlight Centre. My name is Mark Jackson and I am the director and C.F.I. of Mainair Microlight Centre.


I Started flying in 1990, after watching microlighting on the TV. I decided then that I wanted to own and fly my own microlight, something that I could keep at home in the garage and maintain myself.

I learned to fly in Hereford and bought my own microlight before I went solo, I was sure this was what I wanted to do.


After getting my licence, I flew whenever possible, from various sites. Some were airfields, some were farmers fields and even from beaches, where I would spend the day taking friends flying, trying to share this wonderful sense of freedom I had found.


I began to do some competitions, which I enjoyed, and became more adventurous, wanting to travel farther afield. After competing in The Round Britain Rally, I decided to compete in the Great Adventure, which was a race from Madrid to London. So in September 1995, I flew my trusty old Mainair Mercury 462, solo to Madrid, and then back again. Out of 56 entries, only 15 finished and I came 8th and was the only one to fly it solo.(Billy no mates).


I began teaching in 1996, and moved to Barton Aerodrome in 1997.


In June 2005 I flew from John’O’Groats to Lands End, and back to John’O’Groats in one day, the first time it had been done, and that was solo, taking 15hrs 45mins.

In 2007, David Barker, a friend I had gained through flying, asked me if I would like to fly over
Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world. I obviously said yes, but we would need to get in touch with Richard Meredith Hardy to see if we could borrow the microlight he used to fly over Everest a few years earlier.


In January 2008, we flew over Kilimanjaro, and in doing so gained two

World Records and three British Records, none of which would have been possible without David's generosity, as he funded the whole expedition.

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About Us


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Mark Jackson has been flying microlights for over 21 years. His qualifications include:-


* Flying Instructor

* Flight Examiner

* Ground Examiner

* Aircraft Inspector

* BMAA Check Pilot

* P+M Aviation

   Company Test Pilot

Our Services

# Flex wing flying training by CAA appointed flying instructors and examiners.

# Air Experience Flights (Gift Vouchers).

# Microlight conversion training “in house” examinations by our CAA appointed examiner.

# Ground school courses and individual training.

# Aircraft sales –new and used.

# Inspections, test flight and servicing.

# Charts, books, clothing and accessories.

# Agents for leading makes of Microlights and equipment.

# Corporate or social bookings.