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Mainair Microlight Centre, Barton Aerodrome, Liverpool Road, Eccles Manchester M30 7SA

Tel 0161 787 9033 / Mob 07837 380014


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Max level speed


Trim speed range

Climb rate @ MTOW

Stall speed @ MTOW

Take off to 15 m @ MTOW

Ultimate strength

Manoeuvre loads

Wing Area

Wing Span

105 mph

115 mph

55-83 mph

1200 fpm

37 mph

204 m

+6 g / -3 g

+4 g / -0 g

10.6 sq/m

8.35 m

Max pilot/pass. Weight

Seat load

Min pilot weight


Empty weight


Wheel track

Fuel capacity

200 kg’s

110 kg’s

55 kg’s

409 kg’s

206 kg’s

2.90 m

1.65 m

65 ltr’s

Aircraft Spec.



The QUIK is at the cutting edge of flexwing aircraft development, taking the microlight definition to the extreme.


The wing and trike unit have been designed to offer speed, climb, performance, comfort, quietness and, above all - relaxed flying in weather conditions avoided by the normal flexwing pilot.

With its light handling, precise feel, over 100 mph top speed and over 80 mph trimmed cruise speed, the Quik is the ultimate cross country machine.



The Gas rigging strut takes the weight of the wing during rigging and is neatly tucked away to provide under-seat storage.

adjustable steering to suit all pilots, short or tall, the front wheel and forks slide into either forward or rearwards position.